Hi, I'm Luis, a Mac/iOS developer based in Madrid.

I've been creating applications for different clients since 2008, mostly related to Engineering, Aeronautics and Architecture.

I have a technical background in Industrial Engineering, with a special interest in Computer Graphics. For a few years I've also been working as a business jet pilot.

In my free time I work on personal projects. You can have a look at some of them in the Stuff section.



I carefully craft my apps following three main guidelines: clean user interface, robust functionality and deep focus. They do what they are meant to do, nothing less, nothing more.

In that regard, they are usually acclaimed for their clean design, practical utility and ease of use.

Need an app?

Unfortunately, I'm not available for hire at the moment, since I'm currently busy with a few projects.

Nevertheless, if you have a really interesting proposal, I might look into it. Drop me a line and we'll discuss the details.